Thursday, November 11, 2010

Results for Draw One

When I went to get my blood draw yesterday (13 dpo), I asked the nurse what number we were looking for.  She said that at this stage they would like to see at least 40.  And where was I?  40.56.  It feels a little low to me, but I am so thankful for this number and am anxiously awaiting tomorrow's results.  Almost more importantly to me, my progesterone was at 15.3, so they aren't even putting me on supplements.  With the ectopic, it was only 1.7 on our first draw, so this feels like a good sign.  I still don't feel pregnant at all, and my fear is making the hours drag by, but I am thankful for each moment with little D (we nicknamed the first one B, so the second was C and we are now to D).  I just pray that D is tucked safely away where he can grow and thrive and that one day I will get to meet him.


  1. Hooray for good progesterone levels!!! And 40.56 sounds good to me : ) When do you go back for the next beta? I am crossing fingers, toes, legs, and eyes for you.

  2. That is a great number! When do you get your second draw? Hoping for good news on that one too.

  3. That is a great number for 13 dpo! I'm so excited for you - I really hope this one is it! And the progesterone is great - yay for no supplements!!!