Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So, our second opinion appointment did not go terribly well.  I should have realized that the flash flooding in the streets and the fact that the office didn't have our appointment on the books were bad signs.  Basically, more than a second opinion, we got a completely opposite opinion.  After a quick run down of my history, this RE said that the first pregnancy was likely not ectopic and that the subsequent two losses were due to the methotrexate shot we had in August.  She said that pregnancies have virtually no chance of survival within the first 5 to 6 months of methotrexate.  Her recommendation was to wait until January then just try naturally and use progesterone supplements beginning three days after ovulation.  This is very different advice than the recommendation we received from my current RE.  He thinks it's time to move on to IVF, that I very likely have tubal issues.

Now we have no clue what to do.  We didn't really like the second opinion doctor, and her staff reminded me of my old fertility office staff (which I HATED).  We like our current RE so much and I really want to continue treating with him...but we also want to make the best decision we can.  To add to my confusion, I have been doing some mad googling and can find almost nothing that supports today's diagnosis.  I found one article that said that your risk of miscarriage may be slightly increased after a methotrexate dose, but many more that basically said that methotrexate is irrelevant to subsequent pregnancy success.  This is confusing because the doctor acted like it was common knowledge and we would have no problem finding literature to support her recommendation.

We are so unsure of how to handle this.  Right now, I am thinking of calling to try to get a consult with my regular RE and talking to him about this different perspective.  I am sure, though, that he will disagree with her and stand by his original plan.  I am so ready for all of this to be over...if doing IVF would get us pregnant, it would be so so worth it.  Ahhhhh...so confused right now.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Ugg this is frustrating. It is quite annoying to be presented with two complete opposite recommendations. Can you get a third opinion perhaps?

  2. Well what the hell are you supposed to do with THAT? Granted, I'm no RE, but I don't like the sound of the second opinion's attitude. Do you have a gut feeling? If you didn't like the staff and got a bad vibe from the guy you met with today...I think that's your answer.

    Good luck.

  3. Yuck, a second opinion usually helps, not confuse the crap out of you.
    I have no advice, other than go with what you think is right. I do beleive that the best advocate for your health is you and you know your body better than they do.
    Though I completely understand wanting to be sure before going through an IVF.
    Good luck!

  4. Have you had your tubes tested? (sorry I just started reading your blog today and haven't seen where you had a Hysterosalpingogram *HSG)

  5. I think you should always go with your gut. You didn't like the second opinion, either get a third opinion or stick with the RE that you trusted. The most important matter in this case is that you feel satisfied with the decision that you come to. Take all the time and get all the opinions you need!!

  6. Ugh I hate that. Two suggestions. 1. see if there is a third RE who you can use as a tie breaker or 2. ask your first RE (who you seem to like better) what he thinks of this new opinion, perhaps there is a good logic behind why he disagrees. I so wish all the RE's would just get together to form one real answer so we can stop having to make hard choices like this all the time!!!!

  7. So frustrating! I have heard that after a methotrexate shot, that you should avoid pregnancy for 2-3 months after - my RE advised 2 months. Not necessarily for miscarriages, but for birth defects for the baby.

    And I like the idea of going to a third RE. I know this is frustrating stuff, but hopefully you can get some answers. And definitely tell your 1st RE the opinions of the 2nd RE - they are used to second opinions in this field.

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