Monday, November 8, 2010

In need of a 12 step program.

I am at the point in my cycle where I can't stop peeing on sticks.  No matter how hard I try to resist, these sticks have a gravitational pull over my body.  Sure, the nurse told me not to take tests at home and to wait for my blood test on Thursday, but I'm certain that she knew I wouldn't listen.  The worst part is that I see second lines everywhere.  I dream about them, and I can usually convince myself that there is a faint line staring back at me from any little stick (even if it's not a pregnancy test).  I cringe at the amount of money we have spent on plastic sticks, but taking these is the one thing I feel I can "do" at this point.  So I give myself permission to continue my neurotic testing for the next few days, dreaming about what it would look like to see a dark, certain second line.


  1. Pee away! Hide the toothbrushes!

  2. Can I come to your support group? I also have a POAS addiction, and although many people in my life get mad at me for peeing, I continue to do so... In my mind, pee away!!!

    I really hope you get that 2nd line in the next couple days!!!!

  3. Been there, done that, thrown away the vast collection of pee sticks... every time I promise myself I won't cave in and will wait till test day, every time by about eight days past transfer I have cracked! Hope you get your result!

  4. what if we all collectively pool our funds and buy into a "stick" company...then we'll all be RICH!

  5. I came here from Lulu's house to tell you what a great name for a blog you have: clever and wistful.

    I come here to see you are woman after my own heart! Pee on!

    My very best wishes coming your way.