Thursday, December 16, 2010

pre-freak out mode

My body just won't cooperate, and I'm getting really worried that it's going to steal this January IVF cycle from me.  I was supposed to start my period this week so that I could do a day 3 start of birth control.  Well, today is day 29 of my cycle and there are no signs of the period cramps or discharge.  I know you're probably thinking that day 29 isn't even really late, but for me it is.  Previous non-medicated cycles have ranged from 21-25 days.  It should be physically impossible for us to be pregnant, but I took a test this morning just to make sure and there was no second line.  I was really relieved at that...the last thing I want is to deal with another early miscarriage or ectopic right now.

To add to my concern, I have a sneaking suspicion that I didn't even ovulate this month.  None of my OPKs ever came back positive, but I had chalked it up to them having been open too long.  Plus, I wasn't really testing religiously, just trying to keep a basic picture of where I was in my cycle. 

I've never wanted to start my period so badly in my life.  I am getting so excited about trying IVF, and now just want to get the ball rolling.  I have an email into my doctor, but am so anxious I can't stand it.  Any ideas out there?


  1. I hope the evil AF shows up soon...usually taking a HPT works for me. The moment I waste the $ on HPT she shows up. Have you been exercising more than normal? That could cause her to be late...

  2. Ha ha, D.I.N.K. I am the same way! AF usually shows up within two hours of HPT!
    Sorry, I don't have any advice on AF, my guess is the stress.emotions of IVF are making it late.
    Good luck, fingers crossed!

  3. Ugh. The best laid plans, right? I don't have any tips to make AF come. Have you been eating like normal lately?

    I hope she comes soon so you're on the correct IVF track like you want to be : )

  4. Ugh - I'm so sorry the body isn't cooperating!!!

  5. I know how you feel. Sometimes you just want to get on with it! Hope you start soon!