Monday, December 6, 2010

a little bit of this...a little bit of that

Last week, kkasun passed along a Cherry on Top award to my little blog--so exciting!  The instructions told me to pass it along to five blogs that had that "little something extra."  The problem is that it is impossible to choose just five of my readers, commenters, or blogs I follow.  Every blog I follow is just incredible, and each comment I get is precious.  So to anyone reading this, I think you're a "Cherry on Top!" 

I was able to ask my doctor a few questions this afternoon and feel good about simply dismissing crazy doctor's "second opinion" about the methotrexate shot.  I also found out that my giant panel of bloodwork should be in around December 15th, and I am getting thyroid results back tomorrow.  These will allow us to rule out any off-the-wall causes for our pregnancy losses.  I have a phone consult with an out-of-town doc tomorrow, but unless something crazy happens we are on track for January IVF. 

The one thing that isn't working out terribly well is the financial side of IVF.  We can make it happen, it's just not a perfect situation.  This is making me really, really nervous.  I think that for this reason, I'm questioning whether we should continue "just trying" for a while.  We are definitely exhausted by our three losses, and I really don't want to set us up for more of the same.  Ahhhh...why is this never easy? 


  1. Good luck with the decisions!
    I am typically a very decisive person, but not with IF. I go back and forth on natural vs IUI at least multiple times in a week or even a day.
    It's tough, because you see so many people get pregnant naturally after years of trying and you think, that could be us. Or you see people who tried naturally too long and they say they regret it and you think, that could be us.

  2. Thinking of you. And it's never, ever easy!

  3. wishing this was easier for all of us.
    thinking of you.....