Monday, December 27, 2010


We had our baseline appointment this morning and got our first look at my little follicles (very little right now).  I guess I missed some information along the way because I had no idea they would be giving us a follicle number today.  We had 8-9 on one ovary and 9-10 on the other, and my RE indicated that a few more might form but that this was basically what we were working with.  I must admit that at first I was a little disappointed.....I thought the number should be higher.  After doing a little googling and talking with a few women who have done IVF recently, I feel much better.  I'm also trying to remind myself that I cannot control the number of follicles, or eggs, that I produce.

We also found out that my thrombophilia panel came back with almost completely normal results.  The only thing that was a little off was that my MTHFR enzyme level was slightly elevated.  My doctor was not concerned.  He did switch me to a prenatal vitamin with more of the active form of folic acid, but he was confident that this had nothing to do with my previous losses.  If anyone out there in bloggie world has any insight on MTHFR, please pass it along.  I keep referring to it as mother f***er because for some reason when I see this string of letters that is the first thing that pops in my mind.  I'm pretty sure that is not what it stands for, but it's much easier to remember!


  1. I have MTHFR, too, and I think exactly the same thing when I see those letters. (And no, that's not what it stands for--it's some incomprehensible, unpronounceable, genetic gobbledygook.)

    Since you asked for insights, here goes. MTHFR is a gene. The related clotting disorder occurs when the gene contains at least two mutations. It can mutate in two spots, one is called A and the other C. lots of people have a single A or C mutation, and it's no big deal. Even having two A's is not much cause for concern. But if you have an A and a C or two C's, it can cause problems, with two C's causing the most issues. I have two C's.

    The MTHFR gene is in charge of metabolism of an amino acid called homocystine. It is also connected to folic acid metabolism. This is where my knowledge gets fuzzy. Somehow, if you increase your folic acid consumption, it lowers your homocystine leves, and also decreases your chances of having clotting issues.

    There are two tests that I know of related to MTHFR, one is to test your homocystine levels, then supplement with folic acid if they are high. The other is to run a genetic test to determine which, if any of the MTHFR mutations you have. I had the second test done, but it sounds like your doctor might have run the first one.

    Different doctors have different opinions about how much MTHFR contributes to miscarriages. My doctor thinks it was a factor in my miscarriages, but I have some other issues as well (you can read about all of them, plus my treatment plan on my blog: I am going to be taking some blood thinners, but my doctor agrees with yours that extra folic acid is a major part of treating MTHFR.

    HTH & that it's not TMI! (Sorry for the essay--I like to share what I know.)

  2. Wishing you all the good vibes in the world! For the record I dont have info on MTHFR, but I have ALWAYS called it that also! Great minds and all that! x

  3. I was told the average number of eggs retrieved is 8-10. In the last 1-2 yrs RE's have decreased on how hard they 'push' the ovaries to produce follies due to OHSS and the problems it can cause. It sounds like you are well on your way and only takes on lil embie to make it work!!!

  4. I was going to come tell you what I know (because I have the double copy of the worst kind) but the first poster told you everything I know. Since I had the worst combo, they had me on Lovonox (a blood thinner) two days after ovulation (or in your case, transfer). I also was on the extra folic acid. And yes, all of us diagnosed with it calls it a mother f-er too!

  5. I completely agree with Hope regarding MTHFR - great recap. Just keep taking that additional folic acid, and it should help. Yes, I call it a mother f'er too... I also am on Lovenox after transfer...

    Those follicle numbers sound wonderful. And baseline is way too early to tell how many follicles you'll have at retrieval. Every follicle grows at a slightly different rate. So excited for you!

  6. wishing you the very best of luck.
    I have MTHFR as well, but my condition is not bad and I am told it does not need to be treated. I did see a hematologist for a consultation though (who actually discovered a different blood clotting issue).
    Keep us posted on everything!!! fingers are crossed.

  7. I never knew what MTHFR meant, but I did read it as Mother F'er. :) I hope everthing works out for you! Good luck!!