Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Substitute Child

When I graduated from college, I received the most fabulous gift from my parents....a precious little yorkie (Big C)!  Big C is truly the best little friend ever.  He weighs about 3.5 pounds and is cuddly and playful at the same time.  He even wakes my husband A, who has Type 1 Diabetes, up in the middle of the night when A's blood sugar goes low (not sure if Big C is worried about A or just wants to steal a few crackers).  As Big C grew, I worried that he was lonely and repeatedly pestered A about getting a little sister.  A made valid points...what if the Big C didn't like the new dog, what if the new dog had a terrible personality...but still I pestered.

Then came the end of birth control and the beginning of our quest for a baby.  Although I didn't know what our journey would look like, I knew we wouldn't immediately have a baby to cuddle.  So, I got the next best thing--a baby sister for Big C, a yorkie poo named Little S.  A had adamantly opposed the addition of another dog, but suddenly a little furball seemed necessary to complete our family. 

We have had Little S for a bit over six months now, and though she is not a newborn, she has brought great joy into this time that can feel overwhelmingly sad.  She has invigorated Big C--it warms my heart to see them racing and playing with their toys together.  She has the sweetest face, and although she is not the brightest dog ever, she is a master at loving well.  Although I hoped to be decorating a nursery by now, somehow picking up the stuffing she has just removed from her teddy bear is soothing for me.  Our family of four is still missing a little one (or two or three), but our substitute child has helped make the wait a little easier to withstand.

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  1. Somehow puppies make everything just a little bit better! I have two dogs and can't imagine my life without them...

    Post a picture of them!!