Friday, October 22, 2010

A little good news....finally!

We had our HSG yesterday, and the x-ray showed a normally shaped uterus and clear fallopian tubes!  This felt like the first time in quite a while that we had gotten good news from a reproductive endocrinologist.  We are relieved by the good news, and I am thankful to have this test behind me.

The HSG was the first time we had seen our new doctor since the failed pregnancy last week.  While my tubes looked clear, he still has concerns that they are not working properly.  He mentioned, almost in passing, that if we have another pregnancy that tuckers out quickly he would recommend we move ahead to IVF.  The reality of that statement did not hit me until much later in the day, so I am now trying to process exactly what that means.  For now, we are concentrating our efforts on the IUI scheduled for next week and hoping for the best!

On a lighter note, we have learned to ask for copies of everything as we go through this journey.  Before leaving the test room, I asked a nurse if I could have a copy of the picture from my HSG.  She said she would bring it out as soon as she could print it.  A few minutes later, a nurse brought A and I a huge, full size x-ray scan.  We felt pretty ridiculous walking out of the hospital with a life-size picture of my uterus, and we are seriously considering taking it to our next church group meeting in case anyone else wants to play show and tell with their ultrasound pictures!


  1. It must be so nice to have the HSG out of the way. I know I dreaded it like the plague! Great that you were all clear too! Hopefully this IUI round will be a success!

    Happy weekend!!

  2. It's great to get "Normal" results! I hope your next IUI is it!

  3. Congrats on a clear HSG!!! And I dare you to play show and tell with your uterus pics!