Monday, July 30, 2012

wading in

I've noticed that I'm a bit distracted lately...a bit on edge.  Maybe it's just the move, but maybe it's more.  Perhaps it is the fact that we are starting to dip our toes back into the "trying to have a baby" waters.  The twins will be one in less than a month.  We have one frozen embryo from our IVF cycle, and we are beginning to talk seriously about our FET.  There are more logistics to figure out this time...our embryo is in our home state, while we are not.  Monitoring, transfer, and follow up will be a bit more complicated.  Which is why we are talking about it.  We are making preparations now, hoping for a smooth FET sometime this winter.

Going back to the days of shots and tests and wonder and anxiety is not something I look forward to.  Sure, it will be different this time.  The stakes aren't quite as high.  No matter what, we have our twins...we have two children already.  We are parents.  But still, I long for this child.  Since the day bittiest was frozen, I have considered him my child.  I think about and pray for him often.  I bought him his own baby pumpkin at Halloween.  I cannot wait for the day when we get to meet.  I beg God that he will be strong like his brother and sister, and that he will survive and live and get to join us in this world.  No matter what, though, he is part of our family.  And I want to make every preparation possible to give him the best chance at life.

If any of you lovely ladies have advice on remote FETs, I would love to hear it.


  1. I did 5! You can move embryos. They get packed with liquid nitrogen, loaded into a thing that looks not unlike a bin, and driven to where they're going. I have heard of people flying them around too. Could transferring be an option?

    Otherwise, FETs aren't too different from fresh cycles, the monitoring to check your lining is nowhere near as bad as stimming and collection tho. Fingers crossed it works!

  2. How exciting! Not sure about remote transfers, but I am sure your RE could give you lots of information.

  3. Wow, so many of my blog friends are getting ready for number two! It's exciting and also scary. I hope you make sure to keep us updated on everything : )

  4. No advice, but I think the idea of moving the embryos sounds easiest. Fingers crossed that this whole thing is smooth and results in a cute little bittiest!