Tuesday, December 13, 2011

waiting with a friend

We all know that waiting is the worst part of infertility.  Whether you are waiting for results, for your next treatment, for money to be saved...waiting is hard.  It is during the waiting when we often reach some of our darkest, loneliest points. 

An old friend and I recently reconnected over infertility.  Last month she had her first IUI, and about two weeks ago she got her BFP.  Her numbers, though, have been lower than desired.  She goes Friday for her fourth beta and an ultrasound.  Until then, she is waiting with great hope, yet almost equal fear.  She recently started a blog, and I would love it if some of you would leave her words of encouragement this week: http://betweenthepapersheets.blogspot.com/.  I know that your comments got me through many hard weeks, and I'm hoping they can do the same for her.

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