Saturday, April 14, 2012

free formula, anyone?

I hate to be wasteful, so I'm hoping you ladies can help me.  When the twins were in the NICU, we were sent home with 29 two ounce bottles of Similac Neosure 22 calorie formula.  This formula is typically only used for preemies, as it has two extra calories per ounce to help with growing, and term babies don't need extra calories.  Does anyone out there need this or know of someone who does?  I would love to ship this along to a family who could use a little free formula, but it's such a specific kind that I'm not sure I can find it a good home.

If you know of a family who could use it, please leave your email in a comment below.  Thanks!!!

UPDATE: Formula has been spoken for.  


  1. It is so great that you are doing this! If you don't have luck here, there is a facebook page for parents with kids who need special formula.!/groups/reneemyarrington/